Reading Guide for Book Clubs


1. What is the significance of the verse from the Book of Job at the beginning of the book? In what way does it foreshadow what will take place?

2. How do you feel about the Storyteller? Is He familiar to you? In what way has the book altered your perception of Him?

3. What did you find compelling about the story of the Fall of Man told from the perspective of the animals? Had it occured to you that the animal kingdom was affected to the extent to which it was portrayed in The Storyteller? Or the earth itself?

4. The story of the departure of Adam and Eve from the Garden reveals some fundamental differences in the way that each views both his or her circumstances and the Storyteller himself.  What are some important distinctions in their responses?

5. Imagery is an important element in the development of the storyline. What were some of your favorite metaphors or similes employed by the author? Was the use of imagery successful?

6. Each of the creatures of the Renewing has a distinct personality and his or her own voice. Are there any that particularly resonate with you?  Give a brief summary of the qualities and traits of each.

7. Who are the Beautiful and Terrible Creatures and what function do they serve?

8. The story of Noah and his wife in the ark is one that represents the greatest departure from the actual biblical account. Did you find this highly imaginative rendering enjoyable? Why or why not?

9. One of the author's stated purposes in writing the book is to inspire the reader to seek his or her Renewal. Were you inspired to go back to the original source material for the book, The Bible, to read more?

10. A sequel to The Storyteller has already been written and is waiting in the wings! Can you hazard a guess as what is coming next or what direction the next book will take?  Feel free to share your responses and comments to not only this, but any of the questions with the author.