Judah, the Lion 

Majestic and powerful. Judah is the guardian and overseer of the Renewing and the one who leads the way for the others to follow.


The Ram

Solemn and wise, the Ram knows what lies ahead for the earth and the creatures of the Storyteller’s hand, yet he remains steadfast.

The Honeybee

The honeybee loves to praise and to sing songs of adoration and delight as a love offering to The Storyteller. She gives the Storyteller her wholehearted devotion and is tireless in her efforts to serve.

The Donkey

The donkey is sure-footed and strong. He is also stubbornly convinced he knows what is best…until He remembers the admonition of the Storyteller. Then He gladly follows, obeys, and carries the burdens of others as an act of service to the Storyteller.

The Raven

Oft despised and misunderstood by men, the lonely Raven is charged with a difficult task. Although the Storyteller has bestowed upon the Raven the gift and calling of faith, he must guard his heart against the darkness and depression that threaten to consume.

   The Lamb

Gentle of soul and tender-hearted, the Lamb serves man and willingly sacrifices herself to meet his needs, but her heart and soul belong always to the Storyteller.



The Deer

The first to be orphaned upon the earth, she cherishes the love of the father that she receives from the Storyteller. He enables her to go upon the heights and her heart seeks only after Him.



The Dove

Simple in her needs and desires, the Dove brings a singleness of purpose to each task she undertakes. She is a prayer warrior and an intercessor who has become a symbol of purity and peace.



The Sparrow

Tiny, but mighty. She is caged by man and considered of little value, but her heart is free to soar with love for the Storyteller. She considers the needs of others before her own and her compassion and lack of selfishness bring joy to the Storyteller’s heart. She often sees what others do not.