ABOUT The Storyteller

Part fantasy, part allegory, this imaginative and beautifully written tale will captivate and intrique you from the very first page.  

Join the majestic Lion, Judah, as he leads the other creatures to the hidden valley that lies outside the ruined Garden. There, under the Great Tree, guarded by the Beautiful and Terrible Creature with the flaming sword, you will become privy to the secrets of the Renewing and to the hidden wisdom of The Storyteller himself.

As the waning shadows draw the creatures together, the Lion opens the Renewing with the ancient words, In the beginning was the Word . . . and then one by one the creatures settle in for the telling and for the remembrance. 

It is an old, old story that they tell and it is an old, old song that they sing. The melody and the words themselves are older than time and speak of the time before time. 

You will fall in love with all of the creatures including the delightful Honeybee who lives to offer her dance and her worship to The Storyteller, the stubborn and wilfull Donkey who carries so much more than his share of the burden, and the dark-feathered Raven who fears the pull, the strength, and the evil of the Dark One. 

In the end you will come away renewed, refreshed and longing for more.